Saturday, 20 February 2016

As I was waiting for my Starship Troopers starter set to arrive from ebay, 
I thought that I would begin with a little bit of terrain.

                      So I started off by getting out the bits box and choosing pieces that might suit fire                       base/landing pad. I settled on a few pieces of broken 1.72 scale D-Day Defenses, 
a candy floss tub lid, two empty cello-tape rolls and a bit of old card board.

                   After I decided what pieces to use and had marked a rough lay-out on the card board,
                   I decided to use my old friend PVA to glue it all down.
                    After gluing the main pieces down, I used PVA, tissue paper and a good bit of patience
                             to create the ground surface that would blend all of these pieces together.
                This is the point where I reinforced the base and surface with Plaster of Paris bandages before
                 giving it  a coat of brown paint.

                           Next, I sanded the inside of the 'landing pad' and 'firing positions'.
                           And this was far as I got before beginning distracted with the arrival of my starter set.

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  1. Fabulous old bean. Get the set right and the figures bling